Image of PEONY TASSEL Earrings Image of PEONY TASSEL Earrings


$40.00 USD

Let the peonies sway.

The earring stud attachment is made of gold-plated brass and stainless steel. Leverback and clip-on attachments are also gold-plated. The tassels come in two colors: PINK and GREEN. The earrings are approximately 5 inches long and not meant to be wet; tassels may fray or become damaged if submerged.

These earrings were made in collaboration with Mr. nKoll's General Store. You can find the creator on Twitter @_bouvillea.

Each earring is handmade to order and the final product may vary slightly from the photos. Please allow up to a week for the earrings to be shipped.

Note: If the variation you would like is sold out, please feel free to ask and write in your preference in the notes; these are made to order, so we can very easily accommodate!